LIFT®, or Lombok Institute of Flight Technology®, is located in Selaparang International Airport on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. LIFT, which commenced operations in November of 2010, is a fresh and exciting professional flight training academy. It is our mission to provide the highest quality professional flight training programs for both domestic and international students through the utilisation of modern aircraft, avionics and flight simulation facilities.


Our training facilities in Lombok are built to a high international standard, equipped with multiple classrooms, briefing rooms, projector and lecture halls, self-study rooms, dining rooms and dispatch offices. We do not “cut corners” when it comes to the comfort and optimal learning/working environment of our students and instructors.


Commercial Pilot Licence Course


This program is designed for pilots who want to work for Indonesian airlines immediately after completion of our flight training program. This training course curriculum is fully accredited by the Indonesian DGCA , and meets the entry requirements of most regional and national carriers for Indonesian pilots.

The course curriculum will involve 12-15 months of theoretical knowledge classes, exams and flight training.

Our programs are primarily oriented for students who want to pursue an airline pilot career in Indonesia. The academic curriculum is designed to create a well-educated and modern airline pilot and send them into the fast and competitive world of airline employment. Because of that, we need you to be a fast-learner with sound logical skills and decision-making abilities. Since most of the flight training and ground lecturing is conducted in the international language of aviation, we require a good level of conversational English from all the cadets. Our flight-training programs will foster your pilot abilities, risk management, multi-tasking and decision making skills to a level acceptable by modern international airline employment standards.

Since our flight training programs are tailor-made to satisfy the Indonesian airline pilot direct entry requirements, most of our students will be able to progress from Zero flight training experience to Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating certification, to Commercial Pilot License and consequently be accepted to start employment with the local airlines in Indonesia. Thanks to our modern fleet, integrated digital avionics systems, full-motion advanced flight training simulators and the support of an experienced team of flight instructors, your transition from average civilian to professional pilot will be smooth and exciting.


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