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Flying Start’s global network of Cabin Crew Training Schools are well placed to train the best to be the best. Aviation is a highly competitive industry and to get noticed, you need to do something that will set you apart.

Our Cabin Crew Preparatory Training course will certainly prepare you for that, by providing you with the confidence, skills and inside-knowledge to showcase your potential. Not only will you learn what it means to be a flight attendant, our connections with various airlines and current knowledge of their expectations means that you will leave with a realistic expectation of what it takes to become one. Our career coaching starts on day one of the course and continues even after you secure employment, meaning that we’re with you on every step of your Cabin Crew career journey.


Why Train with a Flying Start Aviation Career Centre?


Our global network of affiliated training schools are leaders in aviation training and every aspect of what we do is dedicated to excellence.

Our training is delivered by industry experts who come from highly successful careers within the aviation industry. Our instructors will inspire you with their own life experiences and guide you with knowledge, ensuring that you’re prepared both physically and emotionally for your future career in aviation.

Our training techniques are world-class and in a league of their own. Our modern and well appointed facilities provide a fantastic learning environment, and our interview preparation training will have you well prepared to take on the most challenging interview panels, allowing you the best possible chance of succeeding in your chosen career.

Our courses are designed to set you apart and allow you to emerge as a confident, inspired and prepared individual who is ready to showcase their professionalism, knowledge and skills to prospective employers.

We invite you to contact us anytime to find out how to enrol in your nearest Flying Start Aviation Career Centre.

Register Here For CABIN CREW COURSE Information Kit

Register your details here to receive the full information kit for this course including Course Outline, Pricing, and, Upcoming Intake Dates


Our Flying Start Aviation Career Centres are committed to ensuring that what you learn with us is aligned to international airline standards. This ensures that you graduate from our courses as a confident, disciplined and committed individual who knows what it takes to succeed as a Cabin Crew member.


Our Cabin crew preparatory course is staffed by ex-cabin crew and cabin crew trainers who have flown for leading airlines and and been involved in selection panels for their own new recruits, and as such can provide students a wealth of industry knowledge. Our cabin crew preparatory course is designed in association with leading airlines and works closely with these airlines to get you a cabin crew career once you finish the course.


This course consists of 8 modules and is estimated to take up to 50 hours to complete. The modules contain information that is vital for you to succeed in your cabin crew job interviews, and also what you will be typically expected to learn on joining an airline for the position of cabin crew.


Course Modules


Module 1 – Introduction to the Aviation Industry

Module 2 – Flight Operations

Module 3 – Crew Responsibilities and Cooperation

Module 4 – Customer Service

Module 5 – Conversational Skills

Module 6 – Announcements

Module 7 – Grooming and Deportment

Module 8 – Interview Skills



For more information on this course, please request your free course information pack.


What will this course give me ?

Flying Start is committed to delivering excellence in aviation training and developing your skills as a professional. When it’s time to graduate you’ll be an inspired, disciplined, confident and committed individual, with a valuable set of transferable skills and knowledge. This course is designed to international standards, to deliver vital core skills of the initial airline entry interview and basic training provided by airlines to enhance your chances of success. Flying Start graduates achieve a portfolio of relevant tools for success upon graduation and feel valued, confident and airline ready.


Where do I train ?

Courses are conducted within various training facilities around the world through our network of training partners. which can include multimillion dollar, state of the art, airline training facilities. With this we utilise the very same training aids and equipment that airlines use to train their cabin crew and pilots. Appreciating this equipment and technology is not cheap to neither purchase nor maintain, our competitive fees encompass the operational requirements of the course delivery, alongside the utilisation of phenomenal facilities in order to be able to provide the real-world experience that our Flying Start Aviation Career Centres are renowned for.


Am I guaranteed employment ?

As with any University or Vocational Training Course, we are unable to guarantee employment, however we do have an Employment Service Team and Job Search Database available to all students and graduates. This team is there to best assist with the preparation of resume and cover letters, interview techniques and job search skills. The database enables email updates of airlines and or associated industries that are recruiting for students/graduates to review and apply to.


Can I do this course if I just want to improve my skills and knowledge ?

Yes Absolutely! Flying Start can conduct your training for the purpose of gaining confidence and transferable skills in a professional way. There is no pressure to pursue a career as a Flight Attendant and you will still have support from our employment services team. Whist our course focuses on preparing students for a career as a Flight Attendant, many of the skills acquired are transferable into other industries such as hospitality, travel and tourism.


English is not my first language, so can I still do this course ?

If English is not your first language, an English proficiency test may be required. A phone interview may be conducted prior to enrolling and undertaking your course.


What about my height, tattoos, age, medical situation, etc ?

Flying Start does not have a specific height, reach, medical, maximum age, residency/citizenship or visible tattoo requirement upon enrolment. These requirements are airlines specific, however, we will discuss these items with you prior to enrolment to ensure that you are able to get the most out of this course and our job placement assistance programs. Some airlines may also require evidence that you are able to swim 50+ meters unaided as part of the industry entry requirements, prior to employment. Flying Start will do its best to prepare you for the aviation industry. In preparation, we recommend that students study their airline of choice in relation to their specific requirements.


What about accommodation whist training ?

Whilst Flying Start does not offer onsite accommodation for students, there are several accommodation options that our in-house Student Services Department recommends. To discuss options that may be suitable to your preference, please contact our team.


Do you have any more questions ?

Please contact us for further support and information.


Register Here For CABIN CREW COURSE Information Kit

Register your details here to receive the full information kit for this course including Course Outline, Pricing, and, Upcoming Intake Dates